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The global hub of  creativity

A dynamic community where innovation thrives and business opportunities flourish

Home to creatives

Metropole acts as a dynamic catalyst for entrepreneurship, offering access to our tailored digital platform and an exclusive network of like-minded professionals. Everything you need to elevate your business to the next level is right here. 

Metropole = light years ahead of traditional office hotels

We are more then a workspace. Discover a unique community and growing network of tech and media innovators creating buzz across Europe. 


Creative Co-working

Metropole is where entrepreneurs can reach further and dream bigger.

Join our unique community and expanding network of tech and media innovators. United by passion, we turn visions into reality. Our focus: strengthening and developing this vibrant community of todays professional and future stars of the industries.


Production & studios

Metropole is the next-generation creative media production hub, housing world-class independent artists and developers under one roof. We connect you with the right talent for your project. We offer our members state-of-the-art studios for photo, film, music, and development, giving you everything you need to unleash your creativity and do your best work.


Partners & Network

Metropole is a key player in the market mix, dedicated to forging valuable, long-term partnerships that benefit both our partners and our brand. By partnering with Metropole, companies can maximize their exposure and achieve new heights in sales and marketing.

Metropole: The Ultimate Hub for Tech and Media Creators

We strive to be more than just a meeting place. We’re a dynamic platform where innovation thrives and opportunities flourish for ambitious entrepreneurs.

Metropole was founded with a shared vision to create an innovative oasis for the tech and media industry. With a strong background in the music industry, founders Michel Fannoun and Jimmy Åkerfors bring a unique perspective to our philosophy: crafted for creators, by creators.

Jimmy Åkerfors & Michel Fannoun
Founders of Metropole

Metropole in Numbers Q1 2024



35 Mn

Company valuation







For investors


Welcome to our exclusive investor community, where you’ll find the latest news and updates directly from the company’s board. Stay informed about key developments, strategic decisions, and exciting opportunities as we share insider information and important announcements tailored just for you as an investor in MGBL AB.

Summary of H1 2024 from the board

Coming soon

Metropole becomes a part of The Node

Coming soon

Summary of First Round Capital Raising

Coming soon


Metropole does niche coworking

November 2023

Metropole becomes part of The Node Sergels torg

May 2024

Metropole – a 'mecca' for Croatian creatives

LifeBuzz Magazine
July 2023

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